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Utter selflessness in the face of incredible adversity...

Hi all, once again people’s incredible strength of character in the face of such adversity is both humbling and inspiring. To have something like losing a child happen to you must cause unimaginable pain, so then to work so hard, so quickly to raise money to provide a sanctuary for people that will sadly experience similar heartbreak is nothing short of incredible. We wish Ben and Stacy all the love in the world as they try to make sense of a world without their son Oliver. Here’s the nomination in full:

Ben and Stacy prematurely lost their baby Oliver recently and since this time the couple have set about raising money for the Maple Suite at Southmead, for example on Sunday Ben ran and Ironman in Tenby (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle followed by a full marathon 26.2 mile run). 
At the Maple Suite they were both cared for before, during & after the premature loss of their little boy Oliver.  The Maple Suite is however in much need of equipment that will enhance their ability to care for other parents that use the facility in the future.
The Maple Suite at Southmead Hospital is a dedicated space for women whose babies are lost either before, during or shortly after birth so that they can give birth to their baby and spend time with them. The suite allows both parents to stay for as long as they need, with en-suite facilities and simple fixtures that mean there is no need to leave the room once there; reducing the risk of being confronted with other deliveries and new babies.
The existing suite is in great need of a makeover to make the experience for grieving parents less clinical and lonely whilst offering them a safe and more personal space to begin to deal with their loss. By creating a new identity, the suite will aim to create a peaceful sanctuary for parents to provide comfort in the most distressing of times.
Our nominator was so moved by Ben and Stacey’s story that they approached us to see if we could support their fundraising but also offer something to the couple themselves.
So this week we are sending £400 to the Maple Suite to fund a new tv and audio system and we are sending £100 to Ben and Stacey so they can have a much needed night out together.
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