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About 500 Reasons

If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything

Malcolm X

500 Reasons began in March 2017, with this email....

"Anyone ever feel that things are a bit shit and it would be nice to do something about it? Please read on then as I've come up with a plan that I hope you'll like? Me and 4 mates have got together to get 100 people each to set up a direct debit of £1 per week starting on March 1st 2017.

If you are one of these 500 people you can nominate people you've read about or good causes you've seen to be the beneficiary of £500 every week. It might be a local library that's in danger of closing, a lady by you who's raising money for blankets for the homeless this Christmas or a family desperately raising funds for their child to have a life or death operation. We can cut through the bullshit, bureaucracy and red tape and come together to actually do something meaningful every week?


A nice, tangible feel good feeling, positive action and just £1 per week. If I have enough people who are keen then I'll set it up. What do you reckon? No pretentious nonsense. Just a bunch of nice people putting their money where their mouth is to do a tiny bit to make the world a nicer place. Who's in? X"

Over £50,000 donated so far

In the almost two years that the original group has been active, a total of almost £50,000 has been donated to nearly 100 worthy recipients. And every week that goes by, another £500 will be donated.

Get in touch


To get in touch with the administrators of the original group, simply email us at

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