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The Global Peace Games and Peace Fields

Morning all! Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a bit more peace, love and understanding in the world? Well, pleasingly there are no shortage of brilliant people in the world looking to bring young people together to learn, engage and experience different cultures and perspectives to help pave the way for a more kind and respectful future. Our member Paul has been instrumental in bringing around the Global Peace Games and we wanted to help them continue their incredible work. 

They write “Over 30000 children, mixed ability, mixed gender, special needs, migrants and refugees, have benefitted from the CFA's peace education through play projects. The Global Peace Games brings children together from diverse communities to enjoy playing cultural games together. There are currently 27 Live Conflicts Right Now. Children have a right to peace. It is our duty to nurture peace makers for the future.”

Here’s a bit about the Children’s Football alliance:


We use football to engage young people through cross curricular learning and activities. We aim to get more boys and girls actively playing football.  We secure for them the most enjoyable, developmental and child-centered football experience when they do play. We work with: the third sector, education authorities, schools, groups, clubs, national and international football authorities.  We create playing environments and formats which allow children to reach their full potential through football. We aim to eliminate the factors which cause boys and girls to drop out of football.

They are also promoting the building of Peace Fields by supporting their designated areas of play with the Flanders Peace Field. Working in partnership with the Peace Village, Messines, Belgium (site of the 1914 Christmas Truce) the Peace Field Project (PFP) invites schools, clubs and community groups not only to commemorate the First World War and the Christmas Truces but also to celebrate peace through reflecting on a moment in history that inspires humanitarianism.

The PFP lends itself to cross curricular participation (sports, history, literacy, arts, humanities and citizenship), community cohesion and intergenerational relationships.

Schools are invited to sign a PFP Declaration, pledging to hold a games event once a year throughout the centenary years on their peace field to commemorate WW1 and celebrate peace.

The Peace Fields Project is open to primary schools, secondary schools and all sports clubs, promoting sportsmanship and equal opportunities.

Northern Ireland leads the way with 24 Peace Pitches and there are 64 Peace Fields promoting understanding and togetherness (not just football either! There’s one peace cricket pitch in Hong Kong, 2 rugby peace pitches in northern Ireland. And one peace ring (boxing) Belfast.) 

They are in all 5 continents including UK, Croatia,  India, Japan, Argentina (women's club) US, Canada, Spain, Congo, Australia,  New Zealand,Our money will be going to The Global Peace Games to help them in their noble pursuit of bringing young people together so they can come together, talk and listen to each other and dare to dream of a brighter tomorrow. 

Find out more here:

Cheers500 Reasons Admin x

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