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“Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours” was the message we took to our hearts from Erinsborough and this week’s nominations show in technicolour just how lovely you all are. Two nominations from London and Bristol helping two of our members neighbours who could really use a helping hand. Keep ‘em coming you gorgeous lot! Here’s both the nominations in full. 

Hi Joe,

I’d like to make a nomination though it may be a little more short and sweet than most because I’m not in all the detail but really hoping 500 Reasons can help.

I’d like to nominate Anastasia, a mum who moved to our village with her two kids and mother as a refugee from the Ukraine earlier this year. As a singer mother, life is hard enough let alone navigating through the amount of upheaval and trauma associated with her move to the UK. Not only that but this the second time she has been displaced, having previously had to uproot her life following the war in Chechnya.

The main reasons I am nominating her now is because, as the Homes for Ukraine scheme is coming to an end with her hosts, she is having to move to a different and small rural village further from the school, which has no public transport links at all. Anastasia does not have any access to her own transport to take the kids back and forth, to make essential trips including medical appointments with her mother.

This money could help rent a car or access taxis to make that transition a little easier and help her and the kids to stay connected to the friends they have made.Desperately sadly, her mother is terminally ill with a brain tumour and has a very limited time left.

Access to transport would make it easier for her to spend time with her mother at the end of her life.

Really hoping this is something that you can support.

I’ll keep fingers and toes crossed!Anna

Hello lovely community.

I am writing to ask for support of our new next door neighbours.Yulia and Pedro arrived a few weeks ago after fleeing the Ukraine. Yulia an accountant and Pedro being ex military they had a lovely life previously this awful war. Because of Pedro’s Army ranking his life would be in danger if he stayed.

They have left their 5 children and 6 grandchildren to seek refuge here.After having this unbelievably brave and kind couple for dinner this week, with the help of Google translate we got to understand what could help them right now.

Both are desperate to work ( and happy to work in any field) with no English language we hit a barrier, and sadly lots of the English courses in London for Ukrainians are fully booked.

With very little funds getting around London is a struggle, an easy solution is 2 bikes.Giving them some freedom.They also have just found out one of their daughters is coming to London so they can then see her.I would love to source some bikes for them, Richard ( my husband can service them)And some bike locks, lights, safety helmets.

We would also love to give them some cash. They would love a Television.They have obviously had such a tough journey and the idea we could make it even slightly easier would be wonderful.

Our next door neighbour is doing a brilliant job hosting Pedro and Yulia but it is a huge job with what seems like very little support. To help ease pressure at this time, and support this awesome couple would mean the world.

And to let them know there is a huge community that welcomes them and supports them in their voyage for safety.

Thank youCharlotte  

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