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Helping in Burmese Refugee Camps

Hello Team 500.

Happy Wednesday, we hope you are all doing well through this unprecedented period in our country’s history and we send love to you all.We have been helping people for quite some time now and one initiative (Mobile Education Partnerships in Myanmar) we helped a few years ago. Rose, who originally nominated them, has come back to us to ask for further help and we are very happy to provide it. Our donation will buy and tax a moped for one of their education trainers to go round the schools and train teachers so that they can reach as many children as possible.I have also added screen shots from their original nomination which explains the amazing education work they do.Here is Rose’s nomination:Hello wonderful admins,We were lucky enough to gain approval for this charity to benefit from 500 Reasons a couple of years ago.Rob has contacted me again, the need is greater than ever since the pandemic. Here's what he has to say this time:"We're just on the point of restarting our project in Mae Sot. I've just got back from the border, setting things up and the need is greater than ever. Literally thousands of children without education at the moment.  I just wondered whether there was any chance of submitting a request to '500 reasons'. We've got two local Burmese trainers who will get out to the Migrant Learning Centres to train new teachers. Since we've been away over the last two years, a lot of our equipment has disappeared (inevitable really). So, we need to get them mopeds - it's the only way to access some of the schools. £500 would buy & tax one bike. We're trying to find a way to fund them and we thought of 500 Reasons.Sorry to ask, but we need help to get things up and running again.Thanks for listening. 😊All the best.Rob"I do hope we can fund a bike. Education is one of the few ways to support young people out of poverty to gain some financial independence and to find safer places to live and raise their families. I am sure Rob would be happy to provide more info and photos if needed, please just ask if you have any questions!Thanks for all the time and effort you put in to your admin roles. Throughout the pandemic it was heartwarming to hear positive stories from 500 reasons. What we give feels like a drop in the ocean, but I'm sure those who are on the receiving end don't see it like that. A small amount of money can make such a huge difference to a person's life.Sending massive virtual hugsRose xxx

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