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Literacy for all!

Hello Everyone, 

We hope you are all settling into 2023. Back to work for the adults and school for the children.
What a wonderful privilege it is that we can offer our children an education in this country. Books especially are a brilliant tool for teaching and inclusion so it’s with great pleasure that we wanted to help Denise with her nomination this week. What a fabulous initiative. Here’s the nomination:
Dear Friends, Happy New Year. Please would you consider giving money to Kashfi’s children?
Many of us are horrified at the Taliban’s exclusion of women and girls from education. This oppression will have a devastating impact not only for the future  of girls in Afghanistan, but also for boys as their mothers will have been been denied the education that will inform the raising of their children.
Afghanistan is not the only country where children have limited access to education and books. My friend, Laetitia Bermejo, is an illustrator for Kashfi’s Children, a not for profit organisation that produces beautifully illustrated story books in dual languages for children who are refugees or facing hardship and poverty across the world. They work with small NGOs to get the books to the children who need them in countries including Afghanistan, Syria, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Guatemala, Ukraine and Zimbabwe. Dual language books include Dari/Pashto, English/Spanish and Polish/Ukrainian and they are now being translated into other dual language combinations including Urdu/Sindhi.
We take books and education for granted so it is hard to imagine being a child without books or pictures to stimulate curiosity, a sense of wonder and learning. We know the power of books and stories to change the world and foster understanding of what we have in common rather than our differences.
To make the world a better place for their future, we need to get books to every child. 'I believe that books change lives' - this is the principle at the heart of  the work of Kashfi’s children. £500 would help to make this happen.Thank you

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