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Giving 500 cwtches to those in need

Dearest lovely 500 community, I have the pleasure this week of announcing our chosen nomination, the rather wonderful Cwtch Baby Bank. Set up by two kind humans helping families during a time that should be filled with happiness. Having a family is a wonderful thing to do, but the costs of a new born baby really can be over whelming, this on top of actual becoming a parent anxiety, it must be awful. This charity is not only helping the new parents be the best parents they can be but also giving the baby a lovely start to life.What we also love about this charity is the recycle element, babies grow so fast and things get used so little, its lovely it gets used again by another family, what a great ethos.We wanted to show our support Hilary and her Husband and send them 500 cwtches in return. Here is the nomination in full: Hi all. This time I’m emailing about a South Wales charity that do some amazing work. It’s called the Cwtch Baby Bank. It was founded by Hilary and her husband, and they still run it today along with other volunteers. Some background info: Hilary and her husband have been foster parents for over twenty years, helping young people in Pontypridd and the surrounding areas. They have also adopted several children who needed a forever home. Realising there was such a huge demand for help for parents and children in South Wales they created Cwtch Baby Bank. This charity takes new and preloved baby clothes (sizes 0-3 months to 24 months), Moses baskets,  baths, toiletries, etc., and makes bundles to support vulnerable families. They receive referrals from social services, midwives and health visitors. Imagine if you will, a baby version of a food bank. Since the conception (hee hee) of the Cwtch Baby Bank, Hilary and co have helped over 1700 families across South Wales! Simply incredible! But they need help. Their business grant has come to an end and the cost of keeping their wonderful business unit is quite crushing. They need £1000 a month to pay the rent. I’ve been to the property myself and it really is staggering how much people donate in terms of items, but at the moment they are in dire circumstances in terms of funding. I am going to give the charity the group’s email so that Joe could hopefully speak to them about setting up their own sort of group where patrons can donate a few quid a month; but I feel it imperative that they are also nominated for one week’s funds. These people are inspirational. I feel so strongly as my beautiful family recently welcomed our second child and we have had every bit of support imaginable. However, it’s still bloody hard at times, physically and mentally, and I can’t fathom how families with little income and perhaps zero family network cope raising children when the going gets tough. The people who receive the help of Cwtch Baby Bank are overwhelmed to have someone, even a stranger, care about them and their baby, and I for one would love to show the charity our support! Thanks, Michelle

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