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For Christine and Trevor

Morning all! This is simply a beautiful nomination that really resonated with all of us when we read it and we knew we had to help Christine. The local Park Run means so much to so many and engenders a real sense of personal and shared pride, camaraderie, togetherness and sense of community. Please give Christine and Trevor’s story a read. It’s bloody lovely x

Hey peeps

This nomination is maybe a strange one and you may already have one for this week but if not,  I’d like to nominate Christine,  the lady in the park run article attached. My dad died of dementia at Christmas and while caring for him my mum had a hip replacement and broke her ankle - neither healed properly and her mobility and ability to walk has been severely impacted. Walking was her outlet so reading Christine and Trevor’s story resonated deeply (I cried on the tube reading it)I don’t know if Christine is considering a knee operation but if she is, I’d like to get the donation to her local park run so she can get ongoing physio - something my mum couldn’t receive due to lockdown. If she isn’t getting a knee replacement, I’d like to be able to split the donation between Alzheimer’s research so other people in the future like Trevor and Christine and my mum and dad, have better medical research to help them in their illness.The other half I’d like to donate to Park run which is an amazing initiative. I’ve run it in the prison with the boys I mentor and now in the community - it’s an outlet for so many people, and is fully inclusive - much like 500 reasons.The article is attached:

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