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Cancer in the age of Corona

Hello all, it goes without saying that we all hope you’re safe and well and thank you for your continuing support and coming together as a digital community. We need each other more than ever. This week’s nominee is Amy who coupled with being diagnosed with breast cancer has had her partner having to isolate and not be able to work because of the precarious nature of her condition. As always, if there’s anyone in need of help then please don’t hesitate to let us know at

Lots of love x Hi all I would like to nominate a friend from my children’s school, our children have grown up together since infants.  Amy is 37 with 4 young children 14,12,9 and 11 months.  February she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and begins her 1st round of Chemo on Tuesday! I would love to be able to give £500 to Amy and her family at this horrible time.  Amy’s mum is no longer with us so she really is relying on her partner Mark and friends to keep things running whilst she is fighting this horrible cancer .. Something Amy had mentioned to a mutual friend of ours which really struck a cord was she hasn’t got anything to look forward to this year.  I’d love her to be able to have some treats and and on the days she is feeling good maybe go out and have some dinner or have a day out as a family try to keep life as normal as possible for the children.  £500 could also help purchase a wig for her or even pay some of her bills in the month. Thankyou for your consideration on my nomination. Below is a message Amy shared on Facebook when she found out the news....she is being so brave and positive and I would love her to know 500 strangers are also rooting for her Think of a turd. A great big poo! It's been given to you gift wrapped and it's not a gift you would have ever wanted. It's a poo!!! It's not a particularly smelly one and it's actually not even that horrible to look at but it's still a poo. Now with that analogy in mind I have something to tell you. I have breast cancer. It's not a particularly aggressive type and it is one that responds well to treatment. I will ultimately be fine. I'm not sharing this for any sympathy or because I have any sense of "why me" or "It's not fair" because why not me? And life's not fair! At the end of the day, cancer happens and it can happen to anyone at anytime. I've taken this really well and have wonderful family and friends to support me! The children have amazed me with their understanding and positivity! I am only sharing this to raise awareness. I did not have a breast lump! I brushed off a puckering in my boob as something to do with breast feeding. It caught my eye a couple of times over a couple of weeks and I convinced myself it was nothing. I confided in Mark thinking he would go along with my thoughts of it being nothing. He insisted I went to the doctors and I insisted I didn't need to go but he was persistent and so I went. Well there you go, in less than 3 weeks I had a cancer diagnosis and here's the thing... it has been caught early!!! So please everybody, take time to look at your body, to listen to your body and note any differences. Be honest about changes and don't be embarrassed to share them with a partner or friend. Ask somebody who is qualified to know about these things if you are concerned and don't feel like you are wasting anybody's time. Don't take your life for granted and assume you're immune or safe. And finally be grateful for the wonderful NHS we are so lucky to have. I have already met with the most amazing doctors, nurses and consultants! My cancer journey is beginning now, who knows what we will find along the way but I am destined for a happy ending!! I've made this post public so it can be shared if you feel it may help others. Knowledge, bravery and awareness saves lives!💟
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