• Joe Sims

A Legacy for James

Morning everyone. Last week we were shown a message from a distraught best friend that read:

 “Please help ease the last weeks of James’s life by securing a future for his wife Emma and their 2 year old son Archie.“ Sadly, School Caretaker James is dying of pancreatic cancer at just 43. His wife and two year old son need to prepare for life without their Dad. Quite often when we read that a JustGiving page’s amount has been met we assume our help is less needed but after reading this and the subsequent messages from Ben (the organiser of the page) it’s clear that every penny raised brings James some crumb of comfort knowing that much needed provisions are made for his beloved wife and his son after he passes.  I can’t pretend the just giving page isn’t a really tough read. They’re such a beautiful, young family and thank the lovely Emily Sills for bringing it to us.  Lots of love to you all and Thank you x Hi 500 reasons, I’d like to nominate this family for the £500. They are a friend of a friend and their story is totally devastating. Thanks Emily


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