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Young Carers

Hello you wonderful bunch,

Now exam results are all in and the summer holidays continue, it’s great to see so many kids out and about enjoying a well earned break after a tough and uncertain 18 months. Huge shout out to them and also to all the parents and teachers who’ve helped them all through it. This week’s nomination is from Michelle and is to help support a particularly amazing group of young people who manage more than most every day and for whom the last 18 months will have been especially challenging. Our love and support goes out to all the young carers out there and we hope that our donation this week brings them some much needed space to be kids. Thanks Michelle for a great nomination. Xx Hey team I’d like to nominate an amazing cause this week. My friend Achsah is chair of a charity called Young Carers' Crew (North Hertfordshire and Stevenage) which supports children aged 8-18 years old who have a caring responsibility for someone, usually a family member such as a parent or sibling. She is desperately trying to raise money to support more young carers who have really struggled through the pandemic. It costs around £500-£800 a year, per each young carer, to run the youth groups and support services for them. They currently have 26 young carers on their books and 5 on a waiting list who they would like to support but don't yet have sufficient funds for. They are aiming to restart physical youth groups in September but gave a lot of support during the pandemic including: phone calls, zoom calls, linking the young carers with charities that could provide laptops and bikes, sending birthday presents and Easter eggs, doing some outdoor exercise sessions where possible, and a couple of outdoor trips to places like Whipsnade zoo. The pandemic has been especially hard for young carers as school was often their respite from home caring responsibilities. £500 would go towards a paid member of staff who's a fully qualified playworker; DBS checks and safeguarding training for everyone else involved who are all volunteers; hire of a children's play centre for fortnightly youth groups; taxis to help transport the young carers to the groups (they travel in pairs or threes with DBS checked drivers), materials for activities like cooking, arts and sports, and then one off expenses for things like day trips. It would be an enormous help at this tough time. Please do consider this great cause. Thank you Michelle

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