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With all our love…

Some weeks writing this can be fun, life affirming and uplifting. Other weeks, it’s no less necessary but it’s just heartbreakingly sad. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and who among us sadly doesn’t know the spiteful carnage it wreaks? I wish it wasn’t so but yet again and sadly, I’m sure not for the last time we make our donation to help someone make beautiful memories with their loved ones. Let’s hug each other a little tighter, love a little harder and be even kinder tomorrow than we were today. You’re all absolutely beautiful and thank you. I’m sure you’ll join us in wishing Netha and her family all the love in the world and thanks to Rozi for being a brilliant friend and human being x

I would like to nominate a friend of mine who is sufferring with a particularly aggressive form of cancer. I know her because she used to cook for our familes-in-crisis when we held retreats for them. She needs IV vitamin C Which costs around £400 per week; and its obvious her family need money support her in the best way. Heres something written by her Sister, Serena: My sister Netha Islam is a beloved daughter, sister, auntie, cousin, doggy mama and friend. She's the kind of person who sees someone sharing their new business venture on Facebook and makes a purchase just to support them! We need help. Last year, with no warning, Netha found herself in an oncologist’s office being told that she may have ovarian cancer and they needed to perform a full abdominal hysterectomy as soon as possible. The impact of receiving this news in this way was massive and the next day Netha went into shock. The operation was carried out successfully in September 2020 but it was discovered that Netha had extreme endometriosis which required the scraping of her internal organs. This meant that Netha was in much more pain than the average woman who has a hysterectomy and she had to have a stent in her right kidney and a catheter installed. When the mass was examined, Netha was diagnosed with clear cell ovarian cancer stage 1c. The chemo hit my sister hard, she has always been very sensitive to drugs and this left her dizzy, sick, confused and in pain. In March this year Netha’s abdominal pain returned and was bad enough to see her hospitalised. It was discovered that the cancer had jumped from stage 1c to stage 4, spreading to her liver. And on Tuesday 11/05/21, Netha went into hospital for the results of her latest scan. The hospital are unable to do more and Netha has been given 3 – 6 months to live. We her loving family cannot accept this. Netha means so much to her family and friends, to her nieces and nephews and to her little dog Daisy who loves her more than anything in the world. We are doing everything we can to treat Netha. It has often been said that a little bit of magic follows Netha and we pray for some more of that magic now. Grateful for all help... Thanks so much. It's unlikely the money will save Nethas life, but it may may a difference in the time she has left. Bless you for considering this cause. Rozi
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