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The gift of music

Dearest 500 reasons community, We hope this finds you all well and safe at this rather scary time. This weeks nomination comes from our wonderful member Mia who is currently raising money to help the lives of many others in St Luke’s Hospice, she is a very kind hearted human.  I can’t begin to fathom what families go through during their last moments with loved ones who are terminally ill, but hopefully we can help give some relief in making the space they are in a happier and calmed place.  Mia is towing money to get music into a local hospice, by supplying speakers and a record player. The aim is to supply a complete music system that it currently missing in the hospice and was something that Tom really wanted in his last days. This is for him and his memory.  She has also raised £700 by hosting an online wreath making workshop and a raffle. She was inspired by Tom’s story. Below is the link to Tom’s story and Mia’s aim. She is also searching for any spare records. We are sending so much love and support. 

Here‘s the nomination: Greetings! I hope this finds you all well and safe.   I would like you to watch the below please, it’s a family that come to my weekly music class in Devon. Tom passed away a few months ago and absolutely loved his music. During his final days at St Luke’s Hospice he wanted to listen to music but there were no facilities, so he listened through his phone. I would like to buy 3 sound docks, 3 fire sticks, a record player and a selection of records to be donated in his memory. They are such a beautiful family and Jesse was so incredibly brave making the below video for St Lukes. She has had over 1 million hits on her post which is amazing. Sadly due to the charity shops closing this year for many weeks St Lukes have not made much at all so everything they have goes to pay wages abs to feed patients.  Thank you and stay safe everyone   All the best, Mia  Xx

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