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The agony of miscarriage

Morning everyone. Hope you are well? This week we have decided to split the money again. There are so many people, thanks to your wonderful nominations so utterly deserved of our £500 so please keep them coming and we promise to get to as many as we can. This week’s shows the sheer breadth of our members generosity and thinking and we are proud to be able to help them both. From the agony of miscarriage and helping with the financial as well as emotional burden (thank you Charlotte for your bravery and candour) of an experience so awful to a tour guide in Cambodia who is struggling to support his family following a lock down to tourists you 500 people leave no stone unturned in your bid to make this world a little kinder, nicer and safer. Thank you to our brilliant members Char and Amy for this week’s nominations. Here they are:

Hello admin team,

I have a nomination,  Over lock down I have made a pal in the park, She’s from Newport, living in Leyton... we talk about home etc. As you know I talk a lot about my miscarriages and how little support there is. She told me how she miscarried before her son birth, and currently trying but she couldn’t get pregnant, I told her about fertility lubricants you can use, all normal park chat. She got pregnant. Sadly she miscarried again a few weeks ago. Now she is a tower hamlets teacher. She has been referred to a miscarriage clinic but they all currently shut due to covid, and don’t know when they will re open. Her and her husband went for private consultation as they are so sad. They got referred for specialist blood tests. Last week her blood test bill was £800 She told me laughing, as she didn’t have enough money on her card, so couldn’t pay it. They agreed to bill her. Like she said, living in London as a Mam ans teacher you have no spare cash. She doesn’t know about 500 reasons or me doing this. I just know what that desperation feels like. And it pains me there is so little help for women during this time. If one more person tells me ‘Well miscarriages are common’ I am going to scream... so is losing a parent but we don’t say that when people are grieving. Maybe I am too close to this topic to nominate. But thought I should. Love love love

Hi all,

Hope you're all coping despite the obvious!  

My nomination this week is for a gentleman called Sokpee Sumsot. I met Sokpee whilst I was in Cambodia a couple of years ago. Sokpee is a tour guide at Ankor Wat and owns his own tour company. Obviously due to the pandemic, there are no longer any tourists for Sokpee to take around the wonderful temples and he has lost his livelihood. However, rather than give up Sokpee has been making videos of the temples and posting them on youtube with limited success. The money would be a huge boost for Sokpee, I think he could really use a cash injection so that he can pay for advertising and better equipment etc. Also, I wondered if anyone in the group has any knowledge around youtube or similar platforms and making a living from it? Sokpee is keen to work and willing to do anything he can to provide for his family and obviously Ankor Wat is an incredible place, which people would benefit from seeing however he lacks the knowledge and skills in order to really make this successful. He has asked me to help but unfortunately, I don't know much at all about this industry. I wondered if anyone with any knowledge in this area might be able to help him at all? It has made me wonder about how many other people there are like Sokpee around the world, who are struggling and whether a channel could be put together to help more people too. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for reading!

Kindest regards

Amy Spencer

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