• Joe Sims

Team work makes the dream work!

Morning all! No one needs a reminder of how brutal lockdown has been and the havoc COVID has wreaked. One of the horrible byproducts of this awful time has been the inability for our young people to be together playing and socialising. Team sports were stopped for so long and this invaluable outlet for exercise and socialising had to be put on hold. These teams rely so heavily on the support of volunteers to run the clubs and generating money to buy kit and equipment. I’m not sure if you remember but a couple of years ago we sponsored a kids team in South Wales and wrote “500 Reasons, kindness matters” on the shirt. This was a fantastic talking point throughout the communities in which they played and in return for our sponsorship they pledged as a team to each do a few hours of community work. This involved painting and maintaining a local park, tending to elderly neighbours garden and picking litter. We were contacted by the brilliant 3 peeps in a podcast who are members from the start who wondered if we’d do the same for Mangotsfield Under 13’s. Feels like a truly rewarding nomination that embodies community spirit and we’ll be sure to show you a picture of the shirts when they’re printed and let you know about all the brilliant things these 20 young people do to say thanks in their local community!

Happy Wednesday you bloody lovely lot! Thanks to every one of you for helping make the world just a little bit better every single week x

Here’s the badge to go on the kit:

Afternoon all I would like to nominate to support one of the junior teams from Mangotsfield Football Club. £500 would get them a decent football kit and help kickstart their season and last them a few years! I am sure that our message will inspire them to pay forward some acts of kindness in their local community. Patch 3 Peaps In A PodCast

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