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Talk Club

Good morning everyone! We hope you’re staying as cool as possible in this heat and thank all of you, new friends and old for helping us make a small but important difference to people’s lives each and every week. 

This week’s £500 will be going to a men’s mental health charity called is the biggest killer of men under 49.  In the UK, approximately three-quarters of all suicides are male.  TALK CLUB was created after one of our Founders, Ben Akers, lost his childhood best friend, Steve Yates, to suicide in 2014.  Struggling to process his grief, Ben set out to make ‘Steve’, a documentary about male mental health. TALK CLUB is a legacy of that project.Talk Club is a behaviour-changing movement aimed at getting men to talk more openly about their thoughts, feelings, worries and day-to-day gripes (and all the positive stuff too!).  We want to create as many safe and confidential spaces across the UK where men can meet regularly to talk, and listen to each other. We are here to encourage and support men across the globe, to set up their own Talk Club. The sad reality is that mental health illnesses such as depression and addiction are still considered to be choices by many individuals. Usually, those that have never previously experienced them.For those that do suffer from mental health problems, their condition is very real. Every day becomes a struggle, intrusive dark thoughts crowd their mind, and they struggle to express their reality to others.The most insidious characteristics of depression and addiction are the silence and the secrecy.
The guys at Talk Club wanted to thank you all and said £100 will put one man who is struggling through 8 weeks of therapy so 5 men are going to reap the benefits of our donation and potentially save their life. 
Let’s talk more, let’s listen more. You’re not alone and it’s okay not to be okay. Loads of love500 Reasons Admin Team x

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