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Supporting Cheryl

Good morning our lovely community,

We hope you are staying dry in here April showers.

This weeks nominations comes form our wonderful member Sandy who has nominated her friend and colleague Cheryl. 

Having a serious illness or injury is the most scariest of things, but when you are self employed it just adds to the worry without a employee to help support recovery. 

We want Cheryl to know there are 500 humans sending her love and support at what must be a very scary time.

Full nominations below.

Love the admin team, 

I just wanted to nominate my brilliant friend Cheryl. I’ve not nominated for a long time, but this one is so so deserving and has really knocked me sideways.

Cheryl is a wonderful human and stage manager who I worked with last year. She’s kind and funny and magnificent at her job and everyone who works with her adores her. She’d just finished stage managing Cowbois at the Royal Court and had celebrated her 30th birthday when, terrifyingly she suddenly suffered two strokes.

You can read more about her story on the link below, but suffice to say, she and her girlfriend are terrified about the future and her recovery, and unfathomably Cheryl was discharged with no further treatment plan.

Her girlfriend has set up a gofund me page to raise money to go towards her immediate outgoings including, rent, bills, loss of earnings, physio therapy, mental health therapy, travel expenses, home physio equipment, medication, consultations & medical treatments to supplement NHS support.

It would be so amazing if we could show Cheryl that 500 of us (and many of us actors who may have worked with Cheryl or at the least see how hard stage managers work) are wishing her a speedy recovery. 

Sandy x

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