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Suicide Prevention Bristol

Morning all! At 500 Reasons HQ we never fail to be impressed and humbled by the staggering levels of philanthropy and bloody good eggery in our ranks and this week is no exception. A first time nominator Craig Russell volunteers at a suicide prevention centre and said that whilst Christmas is a time of joy and happiness for so many of us, for others it is fraught with fear, spiralling debt and loneliness. It’s when the suicide hotline is at its busiest and could we help. The answer of course is yes as we wish Craig and the amazing team at Suicide Prevention Bristol all our love and respect as they strive to help those that so desperately need them. Thank you everyone and here’s the nomination in full:

Hi 500 Reasons team Thanks for all you do on 500 reasons, what a beautiful group of folk! Could I possibly nominate Suicide Prevention Bristol for consideration for 500 reasons? It’s a charity that offers an incredible, completely voluntary service to provide a frontline suicide prevention service across the UK. The phone service has very recently moved from regional to national, and as a result the organisation run almost completely at capacity. This coupled with the ever decreasing access to GP and counselling services, means that this much needed charity is constantly living hand to mouth. The people working there are a fantastic bunch, the very best of humanity but they’re desperate for funding for phone line costs, telephony equipment, maintenance for the patrol vehicles.….the list goes on. Anything you could do would be hugely appreciated by the team! Thanks all, keep up the beautiful work x Craig Russell
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