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Good morning, lovely group. This is the 357th week of donations and help, that’s £178,500 donated to such a wide variety of people and causes sending the money straight to where it’s needed. How inspiring is that? Thank you all. 

This weeks nomination is from Marissa who has sent a reminder of the suffering that happens in this world. To be honest it’s hard not to write something political but it’s much easier to highlight humanitarian kindness. 

It’s good to know there are people everywhere trying to help and make a difference to those who need it and that we can help. 

Here’s Marissa’s nomination. 

Hello 500 reasons! 

A Syrian refugee who I work with has been contacted by a group of Syrians stranded in Sfax in Tunisia. There are huge numbers of migrants stuck in Sfax, mostly sub-Saharan Africans. The group who contacted him had attempted to cross the Mediterranean and had been shipwrecked. They were rescued at sea and brought to Sfax, where one of them was able to access enough money for them to rent accommodation for a short time. As of yesterday, they have been kicked out of where they were staying and now have nothing. UNHCR and Red Crescent, charities that could support them, are both being hampered by the Tunisian government’s efforts to create its own ‘hostile environment’. 

Could 500 reasons support these refugees in Sfax through my colleague? 

Marissa xx

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