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For Jude

Hello our lovely community,

This weeks nomination has been sent in by the lovely Sarah and is a heartbreaking to read. I don’t want to imagine how hard it is to see your child battle cancer, but to be told it’s returned must be devastating. This story has hope with a research programme at the wonderful Great Ormand Street children hospital, we are sending all of our thoughts and support to this strong family. Jude, 500 people are sending all their love and I hope we can help your family with their London logistics.

Here is Sarah’s nomination in full.

Much love

The admin team. X

Hello you lovely lot,

Could I please nominate a lovely little boy living not far from us in South Wales, please? His mum is one of my cousin Nat’s best friends and they are going through an awful time at the moment. I have two boys and can’t imagine what they’re going through right now. Here is his story,

Jude is 3 years old. He is clever, caring and fiercely strong. He loves rugby, music and adores his big brother Sebastian. 

In August 2022 Jude was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Jude and his family spent 6 months in hospital, in Cardiff and Bristol whilst he underwent treatment and a bone marrow transplant. In January 2023 Jude was finally able to start attending nursery which he loved. During this time his parents, Emily and Ian, along with big brother Sebastian started gaining some normality. 

However in February 2024 something didn't seem right, Jude’s family were given the devastating news that his cancer had returned. We are all absolutely heartbroken that after 15 strong months in remission that this is happening to them again. 

AML research is in its infancy so as well as going through further courses of chemotherapy Jude has been put forward for a trial at Great Ormond Street London with the hope of getting rid of this disease!! This means uprooting the family for months so that they can be together. 

We are setting up this fund to help the family with all the further expenses that lie ahead with temporarily relocating to be near Jude at GOSH. 

We would be so grateful if you could give anything at all to help. They have already been through so much and they mean the world to us all.

Sarah Jory Davies xxx

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