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Happy Wednesday folks,

It was so great to hear from Barry Hedges this week with a lovely photo and update from Florence - who most of you will remember as the young woman we sponsored for several years through her secondary education in Ghana.

Here she is celebrating Mother’s Day with Mabel who looked after Florence for many years. Florence is settling into her new senior high school and we are all sending her our best wishes! And as ever a huge shout out to Barry for all the amazing work he does for the children and communities he visits out in Ghana. 

May 28th marks World Hunger Day and this week’s nomination is a reminder that families and communities here in the UK are struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. Stats show that in January of this year 15% of UK families were experiencing food insecurity and the ever growing demand on foodbanks across the UK is further evidence of this. 

Rebecca nominated Lewisham Foodbank in South London as their collection/donation warehouse had to move to a much less central premises and they saw an immediate drop in donations. She asked whether we might be able to support with a cash donation to help them as they try to rebuild their donation levels. We hope this can provide some packages for those that need it especially with the half term holidays approaching when families don’t have the same access to school meals.

As always a huge thank you to you all for making these donations at home and abroad possible. You are all wonderful!

Big love from your admins!!! X

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