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St Francis School

Morning to our wonderful community,

Happy Wednesday. Our nomination this week is a very simple one, sometimes people work really hard to create wonderful things for others, enhancing others' lives.... sometimes other people come along and are really not kind and try and ruin such good work. This is what has happened at St Francis School, but with the kindness we can help restore such a wonderful facility that enriches the education and lives of it's students. Kindness Matters. And after a wonderful weekend at Pride, love wins! Here is Peter's nomination in full. Hi Everyone, I wish to nominate St Francis School Bournville Birmingham as a beneficiary of 500 reasons.  This school is close to our hearts as all four of our children attended there, in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The school has always striven to provide the best possible education for its pupils and, to that end, purchased and kitted out "FRED Francis", a retired London bus, as a Design and Technology unit. Sadly, this has been severely vandalised, rendering it unusable.  The school now has to raise £4,000 to repair the damage and restore the FRED.  £500 would go a long way to help them. Here is the link to their crowdfunding campaignHelp raise £4000 to FRED - Our DT learning space Help raise £4000 to FRED - Our DT learning spaceWeʼre raising money to FRED - Our DT learning space. Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page. Thanks for your consideration,

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