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  • Joe Sims

Solid foundations for young lives

Good morning and hoping people are staying safe and well and sane in these strange times.

This week’s nomination is for some young parents who are just starting out and need a bit of extra support to help them become the best parents they can be. We can only imagine how much harder that is in these currently challenging times. We send them all our support!!

As admins we have also been thinking about and discussing the unfolding events in the US and here around the Black Lives Matter movement and we hope that you, like us, are looking for more ways in which we can support and further the dismantling of systemic and institutional racism both here and abroad. We would love to hear about any organisations, grass roots initiatives or individuals who we could support in the coming weeks so please consider nominating any causes you have become aware of. 

But for now, our nomination for this week. 

In Cardiff there is an amazing supported living hostel for young parents and their babies. It’s for young people who are waiting for social housing and don’t have somewhere to live in the mean time. But it’s more than that. It’s supported by amazing staff who help these young parents learn to be great parents before they go off and have to do it alone. This go fund me was set up in December to help raise money to help the parents make their flats more homely. They are living on Universal Credit and trying to do their best for their little ones and so they have very little to spare for nice things.  Being a young parent (almost all are single parents) can be incredibly isolating and I can only imagine how these young parents have been impacted by Covid19. Not able to get to all the usual social groups or activities, having to be at home with baby all the time and of course worried for their health.  I just thought it would be lovely to offer the hostel £500 to be able to get each of the parents something nice for their flats to help get them through this time and to let these parents know that there are people out there who support them in the big job they are doing of being parents!! 

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