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Showing the love

Morning all! The cost of living is really starting to bite and it’s heartbreaking to hear so many stories of people struggling to make ends meet. If you know or hear of anyone that might need our help, this is exactly what we’re here for. Thank you so much Nathalie for bringing this nomination to us x

Hey 500 Reasons!
You may have already assigned this week so I’d like to nominate a man from the local community for when you are next deciding.
(I’ve kept his name and business out of it to respect his anonymity)

I’d like to nominate a man who has run a local dry cleaning business with his friend for 30 years. His friend died recently and he has been struggling since his death.

He usually pays £80 a month for a gas bill. Now he’s paying £50 a day, and he can’t afford to open his shop 5 days a week because of the bills.  He has lost his best friend and business partner and now his business is threatened due to the cost of living crisis.  He is hurting, confused and frustrated with life.

If we could give him some 500 reasons love it may just help him know that community isn’t lost x

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