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SE16 Community Fund

Happy Wednesday group, we hope this finds you well, summer limps forward and we hope the weather continues to get warmer.

This week we turn to a group who are similar to us and would like to set up in the same way, we will offer any help we can to advise them. With our money they can help at least 10 families and households. Nominated by Olivier from Sands films who are at the heart of their community and help in all sorts of ways and also through showing films and allowing musicians to perform in their theatre room. Keep those nominations coming in. Here’s this weeks: We hope you are well and we think of you weekly as we read the news from 500 reasons. So far we have not made any suggestion to the group but we would like to make one now. Here is Rotherhithe, the divide between the rich and poor is growing at an alarming rate: the Covid crisis has made things worse and in some cases desperate: food banks are being created in almost every estates and some people are reduced to begging… Small groups are being created at the local level to help where the clumsy administrative council cannot reach. One of these groups is SE16 Community Fund: What is the SE16 Community Fund ? The SE16 Community Fund offers financial help to people located in the SE16 postcode, who may be struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other circumstances. This fund can be used for any purpose. There is no judgement, nor is there any obligation to pay back the money. We are a group of SE16 based neighbours who believe in helping our community when they are in need - on the basis of solidarity, not charity. Am I eligible to receive help from the fund ? This fund is available to any current resident of the SE16 postcode. You must upload proof of address, confirming that you live within the SE16 postcode. We do not ask you to upload an invoice, bill or receipt from what the grant is spent on, but ask that you use it in good faith. We do not require any more personal details - feel free to just upload the initials of your name when making an Open Collective personal profile in order to remain anonymous. For those with no fixed address, please get in contact at as we will direct you to available services if we cannot help. SE16 Community Fund uses Opencollective to raise their money and offers complete transparancy. We would like to nominate this group to be the recipient of 500 reasons. All the best Olivier

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