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Morning all! Our lovely member Craig’s wife works for a sexual violence charity that really needs our help looking after survivors of sexual violence in the South West of England. Our money will be going toward much needed specialist counselling services. If you see or hear about anyone or any group that could use our collective help then please don’t hesitate to send us your nominations. 

Loads of love from your admin team. 

Joe, Jen, Ray and Char x

PS Craig said that our donation was matched and gift aided so this week’s nomination got £1125! 

  To the awesome 500 Reasons team and wider group,   It’s been wonderful to read all the worthwhile causes supported over the years and I hope you will consider my nomination for SARSAS. My wife, Sadie Webber, has worked there for 2.5 years and I hope you agree that it is an incredibly worthwhile charity to support.    SARSAS (  is a sexual violence mental health charity supporting survivors of any kind of sexual violence in the Southwest. Our services include trauma-informed counselling and group work, specialist support for survivors with complex needs, learning disabilities or autism and a confidential helpline and e:services (emails, live chat, instant messaging) As part of Mental Health Awareness Month SARSAS is taking part in the Big Give’s Kind2Mind campaign. We hope to raise £5,000 to pay for 50 specialist counselling sessions for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. The impact of sexual violence can be lifelong and far-reaching, affecting a person’s ability to cope with life. This can be practical, day-to-day taking care of basic needs, like going to the shops, making a GP appointment or even getting up and getting dressed.  It can affect mood, confidence and self-esteem, relationships and the ability to show up at work.  The effects on physical and mental health can be severe, so severe that it is very common for victim-survivors to have thoughts of ending their own life. Waiting times for counselling across the southwest remain at record levels, with an average wait time of two years. A donation of £500 from Five Hundred Reasons would get a survivor currently waiting for support onto a programme of specialist counselling. If any of the awesome 500 reasons group would like to add a further donation they can by following this link   Thank you so much for considering SARSAS. Craig Webber

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