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Refugees At Home

We hope this finds you safe and sane in this rather scary time. This weeks nomination really did warm our hearts, in what feels like a year of constant struggle it‘s lovely to hear about someone advancing themselves, working hard and creating a better future. We really do wish him the most success. And to our lovely member Brona for adding support and light to his life. Here is Brona’s nomination in full. Dear team Thank you so much for everything you do to run this group! I think it’s brilliant and I am so proud to be a part of it since the start. This is my second ever nomination and I think it’s a good one. Last year, a guest came to stay with me & my family via the brilliant charity Refugees at Home. For his privacy, I’ll call him A. If you don’t know the charity, they match people in the UK who have a spare room, with people in the asylum seeking process who are in need of accommodation. A stayed with us for 5 months & it was an honour to spend time with such an amazing person. He only moved out because I rudely got pregnant & needed the room back! A is from a country where, because of his ethnicity, he and his family are denied the right to work, access education / healthcare / benefits, or even marry in the eyes of the law. He has now been granted right to remain here in the UK, but only after a painful and tedious 3.5 years of waiting, court appearances and admin. A is a very bright & hard working person who is keen to begin his new life. The good news is, he’s been accepted onto a university course which he started last month. He is studying hard & I’m so proud of him. His course fees are nearly £9000 and I am concerned about him taking on that debt when he has already been through so much. Myself & my partner are going to pay what we can, but I thought he would make a brilliant candidate for this week’s £500. It would make a huge difference to his life and education. Thank you so much for your consideration, Brona x

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