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Refugee Aid York

Hello group, Welcome to yet another Wednesday. We hope you are all keeping well and adjusting to the new normal as life opens up for us all slowly and at different rates throughout the country. Stay safe and carry on being kind. Our nomination this week has come from Dawn Hebron and as soon as it arrived we felt the need to help. Here are the details: Hope you’re all keeping well. I’m forwarding a plea from a small charity that our son Jonah volunteers for in York. They have just had an arrival of 90 asylum seekers who have nothing. I appreciate you must have so many causes at the moment, times are hard, but I know that RAY(refugee action York) are a very hard working and committed group.  The plea for help was as follows: You may have seen the article in today’s York Press about the arrival of up to 90 Ayslum Seekers in York, who are being housed in a hotel. Donations of men’s clothing are urgently needed – the majority of these men have only the clothes they arrived in. Clothes should be:
• Men’s, all sizes up to 36” waist
• Good condition
• Suitable for everyday wear
• Suitable for summer/autumn
• Washed and packed in plastic bags, preferably labelled according to approximate size We are also wanting donations of jigsaw puzzles (for adults) and board games such as Chess, Backgammon, packs of cards etc.
Spare phone chargers and headphones are also very welcome. We have several drop-off points across the city, including Fulford, Clifton and Haxby. Please email info@refugeeactionyork.comor text 07545060694 for the location of your nearest drop-off point. If you would like to make a financial donation towards items such as new underwear/socks, trainers, toiletries and other essentials, you can give here: - (please reference your donation as SOCKS) We would be very grateful if you could share our Facebook post (  and publicise this need, so that we can show our support to these men. We have sent a few donations so far, and they are so incredibly grateful for anything we send.


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