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Morning, an incredibly sad one this week from our friend Sophie. Her close friend has recently miscarried one twin and the other little boy died just three weeks old. Sophie has recently come from the funeral and would like £500 for her friend to get the counselling and emotional support she understandably needs at this terrible time and the NHS does not provide. I’m sure you’ll all join us in wishing Sophie’s friend all the love in the world during these unimaginably dark days. Thank you as always x

Hi all, I would like to nominate my friend to receive the £500 this week. Having saved for years to put herself through IVF alone- she doesn’t have a partner and the NHS will not fund single people- she has had a complicated pregnancy, miscarrying one twin then the second twin was born at 23 weeks. After fighting hard for 3 weeks her little boy has devastatingly passed away. She has been left traumatised and grief stricken, as any mother would be. She has sought out counselling through the NHS but been told that they prioritise people with a baby still alive in NICU so the wait will be approx 12 months- unless she wants to kill herself, then they will hurry it along and hopefully be only 3 months!!!! She is now left with the decision to use the money she has put aside for baby stuff for private counselling or to try again with IVF- My worry is that she will be faced with having to pay for more IVF without having had counselling first as the money won’t stretch to both. I would like to give her the £500 to pay for the counselling before she tries again with her attempts to have a child. She could really do with the kindness of strangers in these dark days Thanks for your consideration 


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