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Open heart surgery #3

Morning all! We received a message from Clare saying that her friend’s little ten year old sister has to travel across the world not for her first but her third open heart surgery. But her bravery and upbeat nature is a constant inspiration to everyone who knows her. She has a smile that lights up a room, we’ve added a photo below and we wish her all the luck and love in the world as she travels to Israel. The incredible pressure both emotionally and financially this must put on the family is inconceivable and it’s our fond hope that our donation helps them alleviate at least some of the financial pressure for them all to be together to provide the vital familial strength that will be so important in the coming weeks. Thank you as always to you wonderful 499. You’re changing lives for the better every single week x Hi all, So this is my nomination. My lovely friend Bobby's little sister Tendo is 10 years old and is in Uganda and he needs to raise money for his sister and mum to travel & to support costs in Israel for her 3rd Open Heart Surgery Sponsored by an Amazing Charity GIft of Life international. Tendo has a congenital heart disease and the 'Gift of life' charity will fund the surgery which is fantastic. They travel first week of a January (they have just found out so all go) and will have to self isolate before heart surgery then they will stay for a longer 3-4 months for recovery 👍 I know the £500 would be so gratefully received at this difficult time. Bobby raised funds before for the 2nd Op too, and the response was unbelievably overwhelming. any collection would be towards supporting his sister and mum while they prepare on yet another hopeful medical trip. I appreciate you taking the time to read this x

And this is from the family: Hi Joe, my name is Amy Kasoma I am a close friend to Clare Corbett. We would like to thank you SO to all of those on your collective team who have kindly donated the funds money to help my husbands sister get her 3rd heart surgery. Bob, my husband’s family live in Uganda and his little sister called Tendo is 10 years old. They are awaiting lockdown to pass before they head over to Israel for her open heart surgery. She has had a congenital heart condition since birth. Please know that you have all made a difference to help them move forward with all the steps they need to take to pay for what is needed. We are so grateful and think it is amazing that you heard our story and felt the need to reach out and help. May you all be blessed and thank you for your kindness. From Amy and Robert Kasoma, Sydenham, London.

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