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New Fosseway School

Morning all. This week’s nomination came from 5 different members this week so we’d like to thank Paul, Helen, Amy, Gwen and Patch for their emails. This act of vandalism on a Special School in Bristol had a profoundly disturbing effect on the young people who go there and their school had to be closed down whilst the staff tried to repair the damage and save some of the pupils art work that adorned the walls. Please be warned that the tweet in Paul’s message shows some potentially triggering images and interviews with some very distressed young people. We hope that our £500 goes some way to helping this wonderful community get back on their feet.

And the just giving page is here:

Here’s one of the nominations in full:

Hello 500 Reasons team.

Thanks for all that you do. I’m a long time member but first time nominator. Something that happened in my area shocked me this week. A special needs school in my area in South Bristol was vandalised by some mindless, thoughtless thugs and the damage that has had on the innocent young people there has broken my heart. I’d love to be able to let them know that these acts are perpetrated by the few and we, the good guys are the many and will always stand up for them. The images in this video are a hard watch but important I think to understand why I hope we can help?


Paul Holbrook

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