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More than any child should ever have to deal with.

Oooooft. I’m afraid there’s no sugar coating this week’s nomination. It’s a really tough read. This poor lad. The lovely Libby who gives her life to the mental wellbeing of people that genuinely need her (a bonefide lifesaver) needs our help to bring some joy and respite to a 13 year old lad that has seen more in his short life than I hope any of us have to endure in our lifetime. I have no doubt that you’ll all agree he deserves this small something to look forward to and hope you’ll join us in sending your love to him and his family. Thank you as always. You’re amazing x

Good Afternoon all :)  This is a hard one for me to write about as it is utterly heartbreaking and I am feeling very useless at present.  As you may know I have my own Mental Health Charity in Scotland ( although we do support people in England too)
I am currently working with a family who lost there oldest son in May this year to suicide. Lee was only 17 and a young footballer , he had no worries that anyone was aware of yet one day out the blue he hung himself in his bedroom. His younger brother who at the time was only 12 ( he has just turned 13) walked into the house and found him , I won't go into the details that then faced him and what he went through as they are horrendous. I have been supporting him and his mum and dad since then, it has been a horrendous time for them all, especially him and just recently he has been hit with more things that have had a big impact on him causing him to stop going to school, leaving the house and just becoming withdrawn from everything and everyone.    Just over 2 weeks ago him and his mum arrived back from school pick up to find a young boy at the bottom of their path haven who had taken an overdose, this was one of Lee's friends from his school.  Once again they were thrown back into the trauma of this horrible night with Lee, thankfully because they found the boy in time and got help he survived but to a 13yr old this is just unbearable to try and deal with or work out why.  Then last Saturday one of his friends from school, who was only 14 , hung himself in the park beside their house.   This as you can imagine has been the last straw for him.    I am working even harder to help him and his family but there is only so much our councillors can do as he is just so devastated and confused.   I am going to speak with his friends football team who are all 14 to help them try and understand and I am also going into his school next week to speak to all his year about Mental Health and suicide and let them know we are here.  However I need to try and do something to pick him up as no one should have to deal with what he is trying to deal with, especially a 13yr old.   He is a MASSIVE Celtic Football Fan, however they do not seem to want to respond to any requests for help so instead I would like to arrange a day's hospitality at a game for him and spoil him at the shop too.    So here is where the big question comes.....can 500 Reasons help make this possible please? xx Libby xx
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