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Making the people who make people smile, smile!

Happy Christmas you filthy animals!!! Thank you all for being absolutely gorgeous this year. Certainties to a person to be on Santa’s good list. In the spirit of Christmas cheer we’re going to help people committed to slapping smiles on faces. Firstly the gorgeous people from The Flying Seagull Project ( ) who go to some of the most vulnerable children in the world and make them smile. They were in refugee camps in Calais, Bosnia, Greece and have also been spreading joy right here in the U.K. As they said “there are way too many children, who through no fault of there own are living through real hardship, who are cold, scared, hungry and sad” but they bring boatloads of energy, fun, colour and laughter to their lives and we love them for letting the light in! We split the pot with the lovely Lizzie who nominated her friend “Sarah”’s Mum who has MS and will get the support needed to watch her daughter perform!

You’ve all made this happen and we’re so, so grateful!

Merry Christmas love from The Admin Team xxx Dear Admin team, I’ve not made a submission before, but would like to now. My colleague Sarah* lives half her week in Somerset and half her week in Cardiff, splitting herself in half by working full time and caring for her dear mum who is absolutely reliant on her wheelchair and professional care as she has MS. Sarah’s mum is as independent as she can possibly be, but her condition makes life tricky. My request is a simple one, and not even the full £500 so if you’re having a sharing week perhaps this nomination may be suitable. We, Sarah and I, work for a circus and our show is in Cardiff over Christmas. She would really like to take her mum to see the show as a Christmas treat (and to see what Sarah works so hard for!) but the specialist transport cost makes it prohibitive. I would like to ask our magical group for £150 to pay for the travel for this rare and wonderful trip out. I know Sarah finds the worry, the commute and always wanting to do her best quite a strain, and she never really shows it. Her mum is so special to her, and is constantly at the back of her mind when she’s in Cardiff - she’d be bowled over if we could make it happen. *Sarah's not her real name. Thank you hugely, Lizzy

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