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Making plans for Nigel

Hi all. One of the the most empowering things about 500 Reasons is each and every one of us have access to money if we see anyone struggling and could use a hand. Months or even years might pass where we’re able to chip in each week and see that we’re able to make a difference and then suddenly someone’s struggling comes into sharp focus in our own lives and we find ourselves in a position to help out. This week’s nomination for Nigel epitomises this. Thank you all, you’re bloody brilliant. Keep ‘em coming x

I would like to nominate a gentleman I have met through my job in Anne James Letting Agents in Longwell Green, Bristol. Nigel works for a local company that we have a property services agreement with- they do all our 24hour call outs and maintenance on the rentals we manage. Nigel has worked for them for many many years and is always so friendly and helpful- a real favourite of ours in the office. He was due to go in for a routine knee op back last year, had routine bloods done and they found cancer in his bones. He did 3 months intensive treatment where due to covid he couldnt leave the hospital or have visitors for 3 months. He was told after that that the treatment hadn’t worked and was sent home with palliative care. He has now been contacted by the hospital and told there is a new trial treatment they can try but it costs £4,000 initially and if it works then even more again but it is not funded by the NHS. It has a 42% chance of survival!! Which is high when you’ve been sent home to die!! I know Nigel has been on furlough and sick pay so his family are trying to raise the money through go fund me which I’m sure they will do, but I would like the £500 to just put through his letter box to ease the burden of life (even just pay for taxis to hospital- his wife doesn’t drive and no one is allowed to drive him thanks to Covid) £500 is such a brilliant lump of money for anyone in January!! But I’d love him to have it. He is the type of quiet older guy who doesn’t realise how highly thought of he is and I’d like him to know. Thanks for your consideration guys ❤️ Stay safe, Stay sane xx Sophie Flecken

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