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Making memories x

Dearest 500 community,

This weeks nomination has shook all us admin team members, with such a heart breaking nomination. A 5 year old little one, diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer and a fund raiser to help her make some memories at the earth shattering time.

We can only send our love and support to this brave family.

This nomination first came in from our member Steph Hapgood, but more members of the local community have nominated too, including Shiela Davies, as this has really shock the community and I am sure it will be the care of the community that will hold this family from now on.

Kindness really does matter.

The nomination is below.


Admin Team

Hi all, 

This family have had devastating news this week, their beautiful Daughter is ill, she has been given just a very short time left with her family. 

They are a local family and everyone in the area is pulling together to make their precious time together the best it can be. It really is so heartbreaking. 

Please can we help.

Steph x

Here is the just giving link

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