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Making memories

Hi everyone, 2 weeks ago we gave £500 to James who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was trying to provide for his family following his passing. So many of you sent messages of support, love and sympathy for a family cruelly ripped apart and a young life cut short. Sadly, Gemma wrote to us asking if we could help a different young family in a similar situation. Charlotte is a Mum in her early 40’s with two young boys who has sadly been told she too has terminal cancer and she and her husband want to make as many beautiful memories for her two boys to remember her by whilst she is still able. I hope Charlotte, her husband and her boys get every last drop out of our £500 as they enjoy some precious moments that will last a lifetime in the hearts and minds of the family she leaves behind. Life can be so, so cruel and unfair. 

Thank you all for your continued support xxx I’d like to nominate the below family for the £500. It hits very close to home being the same age and having the same aged children. Just unthinkable and a very worthy nomination I feel: Charlotte lives in Bristol, is in her early 40’s, and is a wife and a mum to two young boys but has just had the devastating news that she has terminal cancer.  Her close friend has set up a just giving page to raise money to help the family make some memories whilst she is well enough to do so. Even though her cancer is incurable she is determined to fight as hard as she can for her boys. You will see that the target has already been reached but I feel this money would make a massive difference to the family as they prepare for life without Charlotte x Thanks  Gemma 

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