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Love from Maggie

To our Wonderful community,

We hope you are having a great Wednesday,

This week’s nomination comes from our lovely member Maggie, who is nominating her two friends who are needing our support. To face the battle of cancer is huge, but to do it whilst also worrying about supporting a young family must be debilitating. 

As always we hope our support can help, practically with support of day to day hospital needs, but also knowing 500 people really care.

Here is the nomination and also a link to the Go Fund Me page.

Much love

The admin team.

Hello, dear team,

Two of my best friends are writers who are married to each other.

Everything they write they write together, even if it only has one of their names on the titles. They have two small children (one of which I’m lucky enough to be godmother to) they are three years old and 1 1/2. 

They’ve recently had the unbelievably heartbreaking news(having been made homeless last year and seemingly were just finding their way back onto their feet). That one of them has stage four cancer and it’s spreading incredibly quickly. It started as bowel cancer, but it’s already in his liver, his lymph nodes and today we just found out it’s in his lungs too, even though he has started chemotherapy .

The journey they have ahead of them is almost unthinkable. And outwith the stresses of the current situation there is huge anxiety about the one who is surviving not being able to be a writer without him and what that would mean for a future career and future life. It’s obviously devastatingly sad. And there are so many logistics to organise with childcare and trips to and from the hospital etc. I know that this money would mean a lot to them. And as ever having 500 people behind them offering the kindness that comes with this money would  be gratefully received.

Best wishes as ever, 

Maggie Service

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