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  • Joe Sims

Losing a child.

Hello our lovely 500 Community,
This week’s nomination comes to you with the heaviest of hearts, it was myself who sent this nomination in for one of our lovely members.

Due to the current trauma and that they are still processing what has happened we will keep her identity anonymous.

Sadly I know what baby loss feels like, and it is the loneliest, most unspoken grief. Our wonderfully kind member heart-breakingly found out that late into pregnancy that her baby wasn’t for this world.

The member is a freelancer and very disappointingly got ‘let go of’ without pay from a job, as she needed an afternoon off to see the consultant about the  up and coming procedures. They sacked her without pay.
Another financially and physically draining blow was needing to drive over 100 miles to a specialist to perform said procedure.

The couple have been so strong, and brave through these hellish weeks.
This weekend they got told they had to wait for 2 more nights before they could take the ashes of their baby home to rest.

It is awful that at this time a couple need to worry about cash flow.

So we at 500 Reasons offered some respite from the stress, to allow this lovely couple to grieve without worrying about the ascending costs of their tragedy.

We send all the love and strength.

And I will be lighting a candle to this beautiful new star in the sky

The couples response follows.

‘I can’t tell you what the gift you have given us has meant. I feel so undeserving but so grateful, to be so supported.
Worrying about money and losing work in the middle of all of this has been the last thing we have needed, but very much a reality, and your generous gift means we don’t have to. We found out yesterday that we need to stay where we are for another 2 night so we can pick up our babies ashes- and the money you gave has meant we don’t have to panic about the extra cost of accommodation and logistics during this time. I can not thank you enough for all that you have done for us and all that you do. xxxxx

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