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Joe’s Journey

This week's nomination comes from our lovely member Gemma, it follows below.

It is one of a very basic need, when a member of the family has had a tragic accident, surely what you want to do is to get that person home and get your strength back together as a family unit, and that is what we are trying to help to do.

Joe, A husband and father had an awful, life changing accident and we are putting £500 towards making their home more accessible for him, Specialist Physio and a wheelchair that could really enhance his family life.

We also want the family to know that there are 500 people sending them love and kindness at what must be such a stressful time.

Much love all x

I’d like to nominate a girl I used to work with and her family. They are going through a really tough time following her husband

having a serious mountain biking accident and this would make a difference if granted. Pictures included for the detail.

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