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In memory of George

Morning everyone, this week’s nomination starts with something so unassuming and innocuous and ends with the most devastating consequences. Who among us haven’t been playing in the garden at some point in our lives and been stung by a wasp? Our love and support go to Robyn and her daughter Brooke who now have to put the pieces of their lives together following the loss of their incredible husband and father, George. Hug those you love a little bit tighter. Lots of love, 500 Reasons Admin Team x Hi everyone I'd like to nominate my neighbour Robyn and her daughter, Brooke, who are going through a difficult and heartbreaking time. On Sunday 22nd August, my neighbour, George, was at home with his family in the garden when he was stung by a wasp. He suffered an anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest and was in a coma for six days. Tragically, he passed away six days later leaving behind Robyn and 10 year old Brooke. He was in his forties. Robyn has her own health issues as she has MS and uses a wheelchair to get around and now with George gone, who cared for her, this will be a further struggle. The loss of her dad must be devastating for Brooke. George was a real character in our road who will be sadly missed. You could always hear him out and about, helping out his elderly neighbours, he would chat to everyone, even things like offering his back garden as a short cut to my two boys so they could get to the field near us to play football. A friend of there's has set up a Go Fund Me page to help cover funeral and memorial costs and to ensure Robyn and Brooke have some extra money to live on. I think it would be great if we could help contribute towards this. Thanks so much for considering my nomination. Here's the link for their account: Debbie King

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