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  • Joe Sims

Huggard for the homeless

Hello Lovely group, 

We hope you are all doing well?It’s mid January, dark, cold and expensive to keep warm and dry, which is why my mind turned to Huggard in Cardiff.

Not only do they help the homeless providing beds and warmth, they offer so many other initiatives.Here’s the nomination:

It’s so cold out this January, I have been thinking about the warm clothes we donate to the homeless that are surplus from TV productions. 

Huggard is a brilliant and inclusive and amazing homeless centre in Cardiff who have been there for many years and help in so many ways. I looked at the FB page again and just thought about the constant wonderful work they do, it’s bloody freezing out and maybe now is a good time to help them? 

This was posted on FB the other day. Have a look on the FB page or the website and see all the amazing things they do to help the homeless.

Our money will feed everyone who walks through the door for two day. We’re here 24/7 providing safe, warm spaces during the miserable winter weather.  Somewhere out of the wind, rain and cold, to get a hot shower, meal or change of clothing. We’ve accommodated 141 people over the last month in our emergency accommodation.  A proper bed with bedding, with staff on hand throughout the night - nothing fancy - just a welcoming, safe space to sleep or to access a range of support services.  #WeAreHuggard

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