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How lucky we in the U.K. are to have the NHS

Hello wonderful people!

As some of us come out of a lockdown and others go in, we are reminded of the massive changes that this year has brought to us all. Living in such uncertainty can be incredibly challenging and we send love out to any of you who are finding things tough at the moment. 

This week’s recipients are a family in Chicago who not so long ago had just bought a new home and were working and enjoying life with their daughter. But the last year has been tough and they are now having to ask for help every month to cover their bills and most importantly to pay for vital healthcare without employment insurance.

A huge thank you to Karen Hurley for her nomination and this timely reminder of how lucky we are to have the NHS here in the UK.

We send all our love to Jhea, John and Daisy and hope this small gift makes things a little easier this month. 

Here is Karen’s nomination and a link to the Polo family go fund me where you can read their story in detail. 

Dear 500 Reasons

My friend Jhea and her family are having a very tough time right now and need support since her husband became very ill this year and I’m hoping you will consider this nomination. 

I met Jhea during fresher’s week at college 20+ years ago, where she immediately gained friends by being her brilliant, vivacious, hilarious self. After returning to her home city of Chicago, Jhea met and fell in love with her equally funny and gregarious husband John and they had a daughter, Daisy. This family is known for being kind, caring and supportive to all and now, even while they help and support others through what continues to be such a challenging year, they are in need of our help. 

In April 2019, John was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. After a year of treatment, two masses on his heart were discovered and he is now waiting for surgery and further diagnosis. Due to his condition, John was forced to stop working in February this year. Jhea continued to work and support her family, but was furloughed in May and then made redundant in July, leaving them all without health care insurance. Currently, they have monthly medical bills of $1400 on top of their mortgage and regular bills and they are getting further and further behind. 

Previously, Jhea worked in the restaurant industry, which has suffered more than most this year, and she continues to look for work while caring for John and their daughter Daisy. If 500 Reasons could help this family, I know it would bring them some relief while they continue to face these difficulties. 

With thanks, 


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