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Heroes in an uncertain time.

Well, these are undeniably uncertain times and to that end if any member feels like they can’t continue their payment to 500 Reasons temporarily whilst this financial uncertainty blights so many family’s then of course we understand. Please let us know so we are able to act accordingly. Our love to you all.

This week’s nomination come from  lovely members Chris and Natalie Sloan who work so hard in their community, Chris as a teacher aiding children with additional EBD needs and Natalie already helping forge a street to street outreach for anyone who needs aid at this time but is in isolation. They have found this amazing East London group that are cooking and baking round the clock to get meals to our most vulnerable members of society at this exceptional time and our gift will help these wonderful people reach out to even more people as sadly, the number will inevitably rise. Here’s to the incredible volunteers all over the world and here’s to you beautiful 500 souls that are doing so much to make this world a better, safer, friendlier place, one week at a time. Let’s keep trying.

Lots of love x

Hello, The Coronavirus has already started to hit the community hard and our neighbourhood is no exception.  Lots of people have started self-isolating. An active group in our community is straight on it, organising fresh home-cooked food to anyone who is in isolation.  They have already started delivering meals to those in isolation because of COVID-19There is a fantastic group of people in my neighbourhood called PL84U.  The group has been running a non profit charity in east London since 2012 where they have been providing a number of services including regular free hot meal and friendly environment to the elderly, people in need, the homeless and those who are living in conditions of social economic, cultural deprivation and isolation. PL84U welcomes those of all faiths and none and helps support people in isolation and builds community cohesion. Assisted by volunteers and local businesses who give up their time, they offer a friendly chat, free haircuts (Haircuts 4 Homeless) and facilitate a food and clothes bank for their service users.My wife has worked with the group several times over the past few years to coordinate aid for refugees and people in the community.  The group is amazing, reliable and endlessly generous. They are experienced in providing this sort of service as they already provide free hot meals to the elderly, people in need and the homeless twice a month.  The need in the community is already escalating. I would love to help them provide this service in these uncertain times.I would love them to have the £500 to ensure people in our community who are in isolation this week have access to healthy fresh home-cooked food.
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