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Helping people, helping others x

Hello lovely members,

As schools break up and August approaches, we hope lots of you are getting some well deserved time off and maybe even holidays. It is so important to rest and recharge - even if it’s just in the garden or on the sofa. If you are headed abroad, watch out for the heat. Take care of yourselves, you’re all precious!
Our nomination this week is for a couple who received some bad news about their house whilst away on holiday, which has turned their lives upside down. We hope that our gift might cover some of the costs that aren’t covered by their insurance, and help get them through this strange bit of time whilst they sort themselves out. We also hope it brings a little relief at a hugely stressful time, especially as it sounds like our recipient does that for others all the time.
Thanks to our lovely member Carys for nominating and you can read her nomination below. We send all our love to her friend and hope they can get back on their feet soon.
Love from your admins!!! X
Hi lovely team, I'd like to nominate my friend who works in a hospice. She is FOREVER putting the needs of others ahead of her own.
She’s recently been on a well deserved holiday with her partner, but whilst there, they had the horrid news that there had been a fire in their flat. All of their belongings have been destroyed, their home, and they now only have the clothes they had packed in their luggage.They are insured, so should be able to replace everything. But there will be a wait until that money is released. It would be wonderful to be able to give a helping hand to someone who does so much for others.Thank you for your consideration x

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