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Helping Lesley help others

Hello Team 500,

Here comes the Autumn, the colours on the trees are wonderful at the moment and it’s lovely to live through all seasons with you all spreading kindness. It’s also always brilliant to see a new first time nomination from Lesley. 

 This week we are helping a family in the UK who are so worried about loved ones left in Afghanistan, let’s hope S can help her family and her nephew on his road to recovery, we send love. 

Here’s the nomination: 

I hope you will consider the nomination below. This is the first time I have nominated anyone, although I have to admit, I’m tempted every week as there are so many people in need.  I have left names out. I hope thats OK. I support this lovely family in a voluntary capacity. You could not make their horrendous story up!

Thank you for all that you do in keeping 500 Reasons such a brilliant support line to people.

Kind regards


S, her husband and 3 children arrived in the UK in 2021 after being given one hours notice to leave Afghanistan. Their baby son was unable to get to the airport in time and got left behind. He is being cared for by family, but S is desperately trying to find a way to get him to join them here.

Life is desperately hard for their families in Afghanistan. Recognised by the Taliban as western sympathisers, the families are constantly moving between different houses to remain safe. Earlier this month S's 16 year old nephew was admitted to hospital and has been found to have Prostate Cancer!  The family are devastated. S (a qualified midwife) has been unable to find a job yet in the UK , but is always thinking of others and works as a volunteer for several different refugee charities. Her husband (previously a lawyer) has been working as a cleaner but has just lost his job due to the employer moving to use another cleaning agency.  S never complains, but would love to be able to send her nephew and wider family some money to help make things just a little easier.  It would be wonderful if 500 reasons could help with this

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