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Helping in grief

Morning all, I’m afraid to say our two nominations this week are trying to help after the worst has happened. In June last year Sheila and Steph nominated 5 year old Ava-Mae who had incurable cancer to go to DisneyLand. It’s with a heavy heart we have to let you know that Ava-Mae recently passed away and Steph wondered if we could help with funeral expenses. Of course we can. Here’s her nomination: 

I’ve just had the devastating news that Ava-Mae, the little girl we helped last year, has passed away. Ava-Mae did everything on her wish list and was with family at home when she died.

> They are raising money for her funeral. Is there any way we can help?

And our lovely member Ruth contacted us to see if we could help a grieving family from Rugby. 

Hello All!This is the first time I have nominated in this group, and I completely understand that there must be so many people in need. I am also not entirely sure whether it’s ok to nominate someone as far south as Rugby?We are all reeling with shock here, after the death of a young woman last week. Clare took her own life, after battling depression and anxiety for some time… Her husband Will, and two young sons, Daniel and Robbie, are devastated…I just wondered whether we can reach out to them with a gift just to show them the love that IS out there? I’m not sure how I would go about getting their bank details, although I’m sure a message from the group would reassure them… There will be many expenses to come, and maybe a little extra will help even just with treats for the boys? I’m at a loss to know how to help them, and just want them to feel surrounded by love…Thank you for reading, and thank you for all you do!With love,Ruth Martin

We split the pot and have given both nominations £250 each. Lots of love from the whole admin team x

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