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Good morning to you lovely 500!!

Sometimes a nomination comes in and we know immediately that we can make a big difference. This week Dan nominated 8 year old Greta, the daughter of a friend. Greta and her family face a challenging few months as she is treated for a bone condition. We hope that our donation will help ease the strain as they all pull together and get Greta back on her feet again.

Here’s Dan’s nomination and you can read more about Greta’s story in the screenshots below.

“Tim is someone I work with. His young family (4 children under 8) have been hit with a blow - as Greta aged 8 has been diagnosed with Pethes disease. Greta’s parents explain it better than I could - see below. I think it would be great if we could support the family. I’m sure the money would be useful for childcare, making adaptations - or paying for a treat for them all.”

We also heard back from Greta’s Dad, Tim, about how much the money will help.

Dan, this is so kind and we are very grateful for this generous offer. Childcare is a big cost for us, especially while Chloe is away in Southampton with Greta during the operation, and there are things we need to get to help Greta adapt to being in a cast for so long (spica cast car seats, for example). I’ve had to pull out of some evening bar shifts that to ease some of the childcare costs in evenings while Chloe is away, and as it’s zero-hour I don’t get paid leave for that job so it really helps cover the shortfall. We really are so grateful.

We all send Greta lots of love and luck on her journey and hope she knows she has 500 supporters cheering her on!!

Have a great week folks!!!


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