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Get Luke to Disneyland

Sometimes there’s an email that we get that is just so upsetting and makes you question why? Why on earth can life be so indescribably cruel and unfair. I’m crying as I’m writing this. This beautiful little boy wants to go to Disneyland with his family and his incredible head teacher is making it possible. As soon as we received the nomination we immediately knew we had to help. 

Let’s get Luke to Disneyland! 

Love to you all x

Dear All I am writing this nomination on behalf of Sarah Kneller and Summerswood school - who are working incredibly to support their classmates adventure to disneyland. I enclose the go fund me page and also the original tweet that got my attention. It would be great if this nomination could be considered asap as it seems time is of the essence here. Let's help make this very special little boy's dream a reality !

Much love you brilliant bunch 


Fundraiser by Sarah Kneller : Family Disney TripFor the past 18 months, seven-year-old Luke (Year 3), has been successfully fighting to overcome a t… Sarah Kneller needs your support for Family Disney

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