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Front footed altruism

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all staying safe and well watching in awe of our front line workers doing a Herculean job in the face of an uncertain foe. Some of our members are nurses, doctors, social workers and carers and we’d like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your continued bravery and selflessness. This week’s nomination is from Dr Hannah Robbins who’d like to nominate fellow member Miranda Debenham who is raising money for 10 vulnerable people who are struggling to pay for their mental health prescription costs and gain access to professional counselling. Here’s the nomination. And we’d like to thank you all for looking out for each other and your front footed loveliness especially at this time. Lots of love to you all x

I want to nominate a venture established by Miranda Debenham, a member of the group, who is trying to look out for vulnerable people during this period of stress, uncertainty, and isolation. I've copied the blurb from the PayPal below so you can read her specific intentions. It's going to be on us more and more to back people with mental health issues in this time. It's a great cause!Stay safe and wellHannah xxx---For people who are in high-risk categories for covid-19, this crisis is literally a nightmare. Unable to go out for 12 weeks+, forced to rely on deliveries which then have to be sanitised, constantly exposed to a narrative which both highlights the threat they're under, and dismisses it as acceptable. I'm watching too many people suffer breakdowns, heightened stress, anxiety and depression, without support. That's why I've created this fund, with the goal of paying for:1 month's access to BetterHelp, an online counselling service ( and/or If we reach this goal, we'll keep on going to fund more people, and for longer1 month's mental health prescription cost for 10 people who are at high-risk from covid-19 (on a first come, first served basis). The link is here:
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