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Friends like Nick…

Happy Twixtmas Wednesday all, We hope you are getting some time to rest and eat and see loved ones (even if only through the wonders of technology). We know though that this can be such a tough time of year and that so many people have been stuck at home thanks to Covid. We send you all our love if that’s you or you’re missing family because of it. You are all incredible, kind and positive people and we are so proud to know you all. Even in tough times know we all have each other’s backs and you are part of something wonderful every week. We hope it brings a bit of light even on the dark days. This week’s nomination is for a hero who sounds very much like one of us. We are sending Nick lots of love and hope that this gift will help him take care of himself and his lovely friend. And, thanks to the wonderful Emma Manton for nominating Nick. Take care of yourselves and each other folks and have a good week! Big Twixtmas love from Charlotte, Ray, Joe and Jen xxx Here’s Emma’s nomination. I'd like to nominate my best friend, Nick. Nick used to be an actor until he was struck with Lyme's disease. The subsequent ME frequently leaves him floored and unable to leave the house. Despite that, he is currently caring for 2 of his elderly friends who have been left without help. Neil and Janet used to rent a room to Nick. Last week, Neil died suddenly and alarmingly, haemorrhaging in his home. Janet is in the advanced stages of dementia and is, of course, very confused and distressed by everything that is going on. Nick is co-ordinating her move into a nursing home and trying to sort out the house and affairs on his own. As it is almost impossible for him to use public transport, it would be an enormous help if he were able to pay for taxis to help him travel from his home to theirs while he helps Janet settle. Might we be able to help? Emma x
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